CVR-Lib Projects using the LTI-Lib and CVR-Lib

Following entries point to reseach projects, companies and software products that are currently using the LTI-Lib or the CVR-Lib. This way you can get an idea, in which areas the library has shown to be useful.

If you are already using the LTI-Lib or CVR-Lib and your project or product is missing here, just send us a small report, an we will be glad to add it.

Research projects

The Visual Information Retrieval Group at the Chair of Computer Engineering (LTI) of the RWTH-Aachen.
Research in this group dealt with machine vision and its application to visual information retrieval. The main research topics were object recognition and pose estimation, for which almost exclusivelly the LTI-Lib image processing and general classification and clustering methods were used. The library had its origins here.
Sign Language Recognition at the Chair of Computer Engineering (LTI) of the RWTH-Aachen.
Sign languages are visual languages used by many deaf people all over the world. Teaching computers to recognize this language was the main research topic of this group. The LTI-Lib provided the required image processing tools and the Hidden-Markov-Models classifiers used for the recognition.
Mobile Service Robots at the Chair of Computer Engineering (LTI) of the RWTH-Aachen.
The research of the robotics group at the Chair of Technical Computer Science (LTI) concentrates on topics like robot simulation in distributed virtual environments, mobile manipulation based on teach-in in virtual environments, assisted wheelchair to support physically handicapped people, RoboCup, and much more. The LTI-Lib provides the necessary framework for image processing and image acquisition.
Computer Vision Group at ULg
University of Liege, Belgium, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Montefiore Institute), Group of Computer Vision and Signal Processing. Research in computer vision, machine learning, medical imaging, radar imaging. They have been using the LTI-Lib for student projects (imaging, computer vision) since mid 2003, and also use it in research activities (sports video analysis, visual feature learning).
Signal and Image Processing Laboratory of the Electronics Engineering School at the ITCR
The SIPLab uses the CVR-Lib in several research projects dealing with microscopy image analysis, electrophoresis image analysis, pattern recognition, machine vision, and more.

Software products

Spatter is a software package which performs DNA microarray image analysis and uses the LTI-Lib.