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Downloading the CVR-Lib.

Following sections describe how to download.



To get the newest version of the LTI-lib you will need Subversion. On GNU/Linux this software is usually already installed. A version for Windows can be found here.

To check out the whole project for the FIRST time, use the instructions here.

Special commit tokens for Change-Log files

Change-Log files are periodically generated. They contain important changes that have occurred in a specified amount of time and everyone should know about them. The development of the library involves mostly "normal" changes, like small bug fixes, documentation additions and corrections, or small not-very-important interface changes, which are not worth to mention about. To generate a consistent Change-Log file for a big library like the CVR-Lib can become tedious and difficult. Hence we introduce the use of some special tokens within the commit log message, that will exclusively identify the logs to be considered for the Change-Log file.

If you make a big change or addition to the library of one of its files or classes, use one of the following 4 character tokens to indicate you want the given log included in the next Change-Log file:

Source Tar-Balls

You can get a snapshot of the internal repository. Please consider that some errors might exist, and this version could not be compiled. Please report any errors using the tracker sytem in SourceForge.

Download the sources as bzip2 compressed tar file here. You can un-tar this file with:

tar xjvf cvrlibsrc.tar.bz2

Download the sources as gzip compressed tar file here. You can un-tar this file with:

tar xzvf cvrlibsrc.tar.gz

External Libraries

The CVR-Lib requires to show its full power some external libraries. The visualization classes use some GUI widgets and to keep them portable a GPL-licenced widget library was chosen: GTK+. For Linux, these libraries are usually included in all major distributions. For MS Windows, this can be a little bit more complicated.

If you are in the domain, you can get a (maybe outdated) package with all required external libraries from here.

If you can get this last file, unpack it into the folder cvrlib\win. All Perl scripts that build MS Visual C++ project files, assume that you have GTK+ installed in these directories.

You can also use the CVR-Lib installer from SourceForge, or get the libraries indicated in Requirements yourself.


The programming style guide can be obtained in German or in English. The English version is updated more frequently.

You can get the most recent HTML documentation API, generated with Doxygen as tar.bz2 or tar.gz. The additional index files required to generate Compressed HTML (*.chm files) can be found within these files.

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